Best At Home Chlamydia Test Kits in 2023: Discreet and Fast Solutions for Sexual Health Screening

Home-based chlamydia tests empower you to manage your sexual wellness from the comfort of your house, eliminating the necessity for a doctor’s visit. Opting for this method bypasses uncomfortable conversations and potential shame, along with saving you from taking time off work. You still receive prompt and precise outcomes.

After dedicating weeks to investigate various STD test suppliers, I’ve pinpointed the top options for home chlamydia testing. These selections stand out because they are not only budget-friendly and discreet but also dependable.

Lacking time? Top choices for chlamydia tests you can do at home

LetsGetChecked stands out for its swift turnaround times and round-the-clock nursing support, topping our list. offers the convenience of testing at over 4,500 facilities nationwide. For those seeking a budget-friendly and private way to test for chlamydia, MyLAB Box hits the mark. Additionally, we have identified six more top-tier home chlamydia testing kits. Check out our comparison chart and frequently asked questions section for more insights.

Choose LetsGetChecked to discreetly test for Chlamydia from the comfort of your home!

Criteria for Choosing the Top Chlamydia Tests to Use at Home

In our quest to identify the premier at-home chlamydia tests, we zeroed in on several key aspects. It’s crucial that waiting for your test results doesn’t add to your stress, so speed was a top priority. However, quick turnaround should never sacrifice accuracy; after all, when it comes to health matters, certainty is non-negotiable.

Equally important is the matter of privacy. The whole testing process—from receiving your kit to getting your results—should be as discreet as possible. Nobody wants their private concerns broadcasted inadvertently through flashy packaging or shared results.

But what if the test comes back positive? That’s where ready access to medical advice makes all the difference. Being able to swiftly discuss treatment options can provide much-needed peace of mind and direction.

We also appreciated companies offering a range of testing options. While some might only need a chlamydia check, others may want a more comprehensive screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Flexibility here means you can tailor your test according to personal needs.

Lastly, we believe that managing one’s health shouldn’t break the bank. The best at-home chlamydia tests offer good value by balancing cost with quality—no hidden fees or expensive extras necessary.

In essence, choosing the right at-home chlamydia test boils down to finding a service that’s fast, accurate, discreet, supportive, flexible and reasonably priced. Taking control of your sexual health has never been easier or more accessible.

Top Reviewed Chlamydia Tests for Home Use (2024 Update)

Our Top Pick for Chlamydia Testing at Home: LetsGetChecked

Discover the straightforward and discreet way to test for chlamydia with LetsGetChecked. Rather than focusing on just one STI, their approach combines a check for both chlamydia and gonorrhea. This smart move reflects the common co-occurrence of these infections, ensuring you’re not left in the dark about your health.

Gone are the days of waiting in line at clinics or enduring awkward conversations. LetsGetChecked brings convenience directly to your doorstep. Their test kit arrives quickly, equipped with everything you need for an easy sample collection at home. Privacy is paramount; from delivery to return shipping, every step is handled with utmost discretion.

The process couldn’t be simpler: collect your sample, mail it back using the prepaid package provided, and then sit tight. In no time—typically between two to five days—you’ll have access to your results through a secure online platform.

But what if you have questions or concerns? No worries! A dedicated team of professional nurses is ready around-the-clock to support you. And if your results indicate positive for either infection, they’ll offer a confidential phone consultation discussing next steps and treatment options.

For those seeking an even broader health assessment,LetsGetChecked doesn’t stop at just one or two infections. Their Complete 11 panel throws a wider net by screening for eleven common STIs.

With LetsGetChecked, taking control of your sexual health has never been easier—or more discreet. – Easy and Confidential Lab Tests for Chlamydia

At, accessing quick and convenient chlamydia testing is a breeze, with over 4,500 locations nationwide offering services. This means you can get tested the very day you decide it’s time, without the hassle of lengthy waits or cumbersome paperwork. Just drop by your nearest location, provide a urine sample swiftly and confidentially, and before you know it, you’re on your way again.

Getting results is just as streamlined. Typically within a 24-hour window post-testing, your results are ready and securely accessible online—an aspect particularly comforting for those eager to have answers fast. Whether opting for chlamydia testing alone or choosing among a broader spectrum of STD tests available in their comprehensive package, reliability remains key.

Should the outcome reveal chlamydia presence, doesn’t leave you navigating next steps alone. A positive result unlocks an opportunity for a phone consultation with one of their experienced physicians at your own scheduling convenience. During this call, everything from interpretation of results to possible treatment avenues or additional necessary tests gets covered thoroughly.

Testing with not only promises speed but underscores privacy and guidance—ensuring peace of mind throughout what could be an anxiety-inducing process.

MyLAB Box – Chlamydia Testing at 3 Locations

MyLAB Box stands out by offering convenient and comprehensive testing solutions for chlamydia and gonorrhea, acknowledging the frequent occurrence of co-infection. Taking their service up a notch, they extend testing to cover three critical areas: genital, oral, and anal regions. This thorough approach ensures that infections aren’t missed, providing peace of mind across the board.

The process is as user-friendly as it gets. Kits are dispatched discreetly at no extra charge, ensuring privacy. Once you receive your kit, following the simple steps to collect your samples won’t eat up much of your time. With everything you need included in the package alongside clear instructions, accuracy is just a few steps away.

Results come back quickly — usually within 2 to 5 days after the lab receives your sample — allowing for swift peace of mind or action if needed. In instances where results indicate an infection, MyLAB Box facilitates a complimentary consultation with a healthcare professional who can guide you through treatment options and discuss if retesting is necessary.

For those seeking more extensive screening options beyond chlamydia and gonorrhea alone, MyLAB Box‘s offerings expand to include various STI panels. Among these is the Love Box for Couples, designed to test both partners for eight different infections simultaneously—making shared health responsibility simpler than ever.

Choosing MyLAB Box not only means opting for convenience but also embracing thoroughness in personal healthcare management—an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay informed about their sexual health.

Everlywell – Low-Cost Home Chlamydia Tests

Everlywell provides a convenient and discreet solution for at-home chlamydia testing, making it both accessible and private. The process of ordering is straightforward, ensuring that the test kit arrives quickly and without any indication of its contents, maintaining the user’s privacy. Users receive clear instructions on how to collect their samples, whether they prefer urine collection or opting for oral and/or rectal swabs to check for infections in more specific areas.

The sample is then sent back to the lab in a pre-paid package, ensuring your details remain confidential throughout the process. Remarkably fast, results are shared through an online account within just 2-5 days after receipt by the laboratory. Regardless of which test option you choose – be it solely for chlamydia or including additional STIs like gonorrhea – you can expect your results promptly.

Should a test return positive, Everlywell connects you with an independent healthcare provider who will explain what your results signify and guide you on the next steps, including prescribing necessary medication. Additionally, those looking to keep up with regular STI testing might find value in signing up for Everlywell’s membership program. This allows members to select one test from their range each month at a reduced cost.

Opting for Everlywell‘s services not only saves money over time but also offers peace of mind knowing that professional medical support is readily available should it be needed.

Chlamydia Test Results in 2 Days

Skip the hassle of a doctor’s visit and head straight to HealthLabs for a quick chlamydia test. With over 4,500 locations nationwide, finding a convenient spot is a breeze. You don’t even need an appointment; walk in, give your urine sample in mere minutes, and you’re done.

The beauty of this service doesn’t end there. Your results are ready swiftly – typically between one and three days, securely accessible online. Our own check-in proved efficient; we got our report back in under 48 hours.

While HealthLabs won’t hand you a prescription directly post-diagnosis, they’ve got your back with their support options. Whether it’s through live chat or a phone call, expert advice is just around the corner to interpret your results.

And if you need to share these findings? Printing them out or pulling them up on your smartphone for your healthcare provider is as easy as pie.

Not stopping at just urine tests, HealthLabs steps it up with blood tests that look for chlamydia antibodies – useful for spotting infections beyond the genital area like in the eyes.

So why wait? Get tested with HealthLabs, where simplicity meets speed and security.

Clinic and Home Test Kits for Chlamydia

Health Testing Centers offers a comprehensive range of tests for chlamydia, catering to those who prefer the confidentiality of testing from home or the speed of lab-based screenings. They stand out for their inclusivity, providing tests not only for genital infections but also offering specific screenings for anal and oral chlamydia at an accessible price point.

When opting for the convenience of an at-home test kit, expect a wait of about a week for your kit to arrive in packaging that respects your privacy. After sending your samples back to the lab, results are typically available within three days, combining efficiency with discretion.

For those needing quicker answers, Health Testing Centers facilitates immediate testing through an extensive network of over 3,000 labs nationwide. Simply book online and visit your chosen location to submit your samples; results will follow shortly after in just a few days.

In instances where tests return positive for chlamydia, the service further supports clients by offering complimentary consultations with independent physicians. This ensures not only peace of mind but also timely medical advice and prescriptions if required.

Choosing Health Testing Centers for chlamydia screening means embracing both privacy and promptness without sacrificing professional care.

247LabKit Offers Pregnancy Test Options

247LabKit offers an efficient and seamless way to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea without stepping out of your comfort zone. Not only does it bundle these tests together at an affordable cost, but it also throws in additional screenings for trichomoniasis, along with the option for a pregnancy test. This comprehensive approach ensures you’re covered on multiple fronts.

The kit comes in discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy from the moment it arrives at your doorstep. Inside, everything needed to collect a urine sample quickly and without hassle is provided. In fact, gathering a sample is so straightforward that our research team managed to do it within minutes. Sending the sample back to their lab is just as easy thanks to a prepaid return label included in each kit.

Once the lab receives your sample, they work swiftly to analyze it and compile the results. Typically, this process takes between 2-5 days, although our experience saw results ready in just three days. These findings are then securely delivered to a private online account for review.

It’s worth noting that while 247LabKit does not offer direct consultations if you test positive for any conditions, they do provide valuable resources and directions to local clinics where appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Choosing 247LabKit means opting for convenience, confidentiality, and comprehensive care—all crucial elements when dealing with sensitive health matters like STI testing.

Personalabs Offers Various Chlamydia Test Options

Best At Home Chlamydia Test Kits in 2023: Discreet and Fast Solutions for Sexual Health Screening

Discover the simplicity and convenience of getting tested for chlamydia with Personalabs. This platform stands out for its extensive array of options catering to your sexual health needs, ranging from basic screenings to all-encompassing STI panels. The process is hassle-free: select your desired test online and head over to any of the 2,300+ facilities across the US for same-day testing—no scheduling required. The privacy and speed of submitting a urine sample make it an effortless affair.

Receiving your results is just as straightforward, typically within a timeframe of 2-5 days, depending on the specific service provider you choose. Our experience saw us getting our results in slightly over two days, showcasing their efficiency.

In the event that you’re diagnosed with chlamydia, Personalabs offers an additional service where you can consult with a doctor and obtain a prescription. While this ensures you get professional advice and treatment swiftly, be prepared to cover the cost of medication at your pharmacy.

With Personalabs, taking charge of your sexual health has never been easier or more accessible.

Nurx – STI Testing Covered by Insurance

Nurx stands out in the world of STI testing by offering a trio of options tailored to detect chlamydia among other infections. Their approach is both comprehensive and considerate, catering to everyone’s needs. For instance, their Basics Covered Kit employs urine analysis for identifying genital chlamydia. Meanwhile, the Full Control Kit broadens its scope by checking for genital infections through urine tests and oral infections via throat swabs.

Particularly noteworthy is their women-specific option which zeroes in on STIs that predominantly affect women, understanding the serious long-term health risks they pose including chlamydia in both oral and genital forms.

What truly sets Nurx apart isn’t just their meticulous testing but also how they handle logistics and patient care. They dispatch kits free of charge in discreet packaging with all necessary postage pre-paid for hassle-free returns. Within just seven days of receiving your samples, they promise confidential results delivered straight to you. Following this, their medical team makes contact to explain what your results signify, ensuring you’re not left deciphering medical jargon on your own.

Yet perhaps most appealing is Nurx’s acceptance of insurance for payment. This key feature allows individuals to access any of the three test panels at a significantly reduced cost—only $75—a boon for those looking to manage finances while taking proactive steps towards their sexual health.

Evidently, when it comes down to it, Nurx proves itself as a reliable ally in the fight against STIs like chlamydia by merging thorough testing with thoughtful service delivery mechanisms; a true testament to modern healthcare accessibility and efficiency.

Deciphering the Details

When delving into the realm of chlamydia testing, it’s crucial to peel back the layers and understand what you’re getting into financially. A bit of digging revealed some key points worth mulling over before making a decision.

First off, while you might breathe a sigh of relief knowing that follow-up consultations are generally on the house, there’s an exception to keep in mind. Opting for Nurx means shelling out an extra 15 bucks for a consultation fee. This charge is upfront when you snag your test kit. But here’s the silver lining – this isn’t just any fee; it’s your golden ticket to unlimited access to their healthcare squad for an entire year.

Then there’s Personalabs, throwing a curveball with an $85 charge if you need a doc to scribble down a prescription for you. Remember, this doesn’t even touch on the medication cost itself, which is another expense entirely.

It’s also worth noting that not all tests cover all bases, literally. Urine tests won’t give you the lowdown if chlamydia has set up camp in areas other than the genitals. Want full coverage? MyLAB Box steps up with its triple-threat option: genital, anal, and oral screening rolled into one convenient package. Likewise, Health Testing Centers don’t skimp on options either, offering targeted tests for those specific areas as well.

Lastly, let’s talk shipping because nobody likes unexpected fees tacked onto their bill at checkout. Most companies will ship your samples without dipping into your wallet, shoutout to LetsGetChecked and MyLAB Box for their express delivery at no extra cost! But then there’s 247LabKit, playing hardball with only basic shipping gratis; anything faster requires parting with another $20.

So there it is – navigating chlamydia testing waters can be smooth sailing as long as you’re armed with these insights. Dive in informed and steer clear of potential financial icebergs along the way.

The Reliability of Chlamydia Tests Done at Home

No at-home test for chlamydia can guarantee perfect results. The timing of the test, potential contamination of the sample, and adherence to the provided instructions can all influence its accuracy. Despite these variables, such tests are generally reliable, boasting an accuracy rate just over 99% when performed correctly.

However, errors do occur with a slight chance of receiving either a false positive or negative result. If your test results raise any red flags or doubts in your mind, it’s wise to consult with a healthcare professional promptly.

Fortunately, many companies that provide these testing services understand the importance of follow-up care. For instance, LetsGetChecked,, and MyLAB Box offer complimentary consultations after you’ve received your results. This is a crucial service that enables you to discuss any concerns or questions regarding your test outcomes directly with experts who can guide you through the next steps if necessary.

Outcomes of a Home Chlamydia Test

Choosing a provider for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) testing, including chlamydia, ensures that you’ll receive clear and straightforward results. Whether your outcome indicates a positive or negative status, the clarity of the information provided allows for easy understanding. Moreover, if your screening includes multiple STIs, this will also be detailed in your report.

Privacy concerns are unnecessary when it comes to accessing your test outcomes. The results are securely stored online where only you have the key to unlock them. Rest assured, this personal health information remains under lock and key until you decide otherwise. Not even healthcare professionals get a peep without your say-so.

This approach not only keeps you informed about your health status but also respects your right to privacy, making sure that sensitive information stays just that—sensitive and private.

How Do Our Favorites Stack Up in Terms of Cost?

When it comes to getting tested for chlamydia, prices can fluctuate based on where you choose to go. Generally, if you opt for a lab-based test, your wallet won’t feel as light compared to selecting an at-home testing kit. Looking around, and HealthLabs emerge as the front runners in affordability, offering chlamydia tests for only $59. These sites don’t just stop at good prices; they throw in extra value by bundling chlamydia screening with other tests.

Taking the crown for the best bang-for-your-buck is Everlywell, dropping the price even further to $49. This deal sweetens as it covers not just chlamydia but gonorrhea too, and includes a medical consultation without any additional charges. Slightly undercutting this is 247LabKit, with their dual test priced at a modest $48; though it’s worth noting that this option doesn’t include a consultation.

On the higher end of the spectrum sits Nurx. They don’t offer single-issue tests but instead provide comprehensive panels that also look into chlamydia among other things. The catch here is that while their starting cost is high, those with health insurance might find themselves paying as little as $75 after coverage — just make sure your insurance plays ball before diving in.

If you’re looking to stretch your dollars further, consider hopping onto subscription plans like the ones offered by LetsGetChecked or Everlywell again. LetsGetChecked proposes up to 30% savings on regular screenings which can add up over time. Similarly, Everlywell entices with its membership program granting access to discounted health or STI tests monthly at a fee of $24.99.

It’s clear there are options aplenty tailored to fit different needs and budgets when it comes to tackling something as critical as STI screening. With varying price points and services provided by these companies, making an informed decision could save both money and ensure peace of mind when dealing with sexual health matters.

Discovering the Top Chlamydia Test for Home Use

When it comes to selecting the top service for chlamydia checks, LetsGetChecked stands out as the premier option. Despite not being the most budget-friendly choice, its offer of complimentary expedited delivery, swift turnaround on results, and round-the-clock nurse support clearly sets it apart.

For those in a rush to get results, opting for laboratory-based testing services is your best bet. These facilities promise the quickest feedback – sometimes in just 24 hours – thanks to direct sample submission at their sites.

In the realm of thorough screening for chlamydia covering multiple areas, specifically, genitals, anus, and throat, both MyLAB Box and Health Testing Centers lead the pack. They provide an exhaustive examination to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Meanwhile, if routine screenings for chlamydia or other sexually transmitted infections are what you’re after, consider becoming part of Everlywell’s membership program. This arrangement offers substantial discounts on test kits you can use comfortably at home. This way, maintaining regular check-ups becomes less of a financial burden and more a part of responsible health practices.

Comparing Home Chlamydia Testing Kits

When it comes to maintaining one’s health and privacy, especially concerning sensitive matters like sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), having access to confidential testing is a game-changer. A handful of reputable companies offer such services, each with its unique features tailored to meet different needs.

LetsGetChecked spearheads the market with its urine-based tests, promising discretion and medical support throughout the process. Results are typically available within 2-5 days, for a starting fee of about €91.24.

On the more budget-friendly side, bypasses the need for medical consultations while delivering results in a swift 1-2 days timeframe and charges around €22.12.

For those seeking versatility in their testing methods, MyLAB Box offers both urine and swab tests along with medical consultations, priced at approximately €82.02.

Meanwhile, Everlywell‘s offerings are not only discreet but also backed by professional consultations, with results ready between 2-5 days at around €45.16.

If you’re looking for comprehensive screening, HealthLabs combines urine and blood tests without requiring prior consultation, providing results in 1-3 days for about €59.90.

Close behind is Health Testing Centers, which presents an array of options including urine and swab tests alongside professional advice; expect your results in 3-4 days at a cost of nearly €72.81.

Then there’s 247LabKit, focusing on simplicity and speed without compromising privacy or accuracy; expect to pay around €46.07 for results within 3-4 days but don’t count on any consultation support.

Personalabs, aiming towards affordability without sacrificing quality or consultative support, delivers within a similar timeframe as others (2-5 days) charging roughly €42.39.

Lastly,< strong>Nurx strong > stands out due to its higher price point of €138 .24 , offering both urine and swab tests accompanied by thorough medical consulting over a span of 4 -7days .

Each service brings something unique to the table , whether it’s rapid turnaround times , diverse testing methods , or included medical consults . It boils down to what priorities resonate most with you : be it cost , convenience , or comprehensive care . No matter your choice , taking that step towards health awareness is commendable.

Essential Summary

If you’re in the market for a dependable and swift chlamydia test, look no further than the options listed here. Standing out from the crowd, LetsGetChecked takes the lead with its appealing offer of complimentary express shipping and around-the-clock access to professional nursing support.

For those needing immediate results, turning to lab testing services such as or Personalabs is a smart move. They promise results within a mere 24 hours, making them an excellent choice for quick turnaround times.

Meanwhile, if privacy is your top concern and you’d rather handle sample collection personally, there’s good news. Services like LetsGetChecked, MyLAB Box, and Everlywell have got your back. Not only do they ensure your package arrives in nondescript packaging to maintain discretion, but they also equip you with everything necessary to conduct a chlamydia test comfortably from your residence.

Choosing between these services boils down to what matters most to you: speed, convenience, or privacy. Regardless of which option you lean towards, rest assured that each one offers reliable testing solutions designed to meet various needs and preferences.

Top Home Chlamydia Testing Kits for 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical signs of chlamydia

Symptoms of chlamydia typically manifest between one to three weeks following exposure. Those infected might experience a range of signs, such as stomach pain, unusual discharge, discomfort during urination or sexual activity, irregular bleeding for women, and swelling in the testicles for men. Despite these potential indicators, it’s noteworthy that many individuals, approximately 75% of women and half of all men, do not exhibit any symptoms at all. This silent nature doesn’t strip the disease of its ability to spread through unprotected sex.

Neglecting to treat chlamydia can have severe consequences. It has the power to cause infertility and sterility in both genders and lead to more serious conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease among women and epididymitis in men. That’s why it’s crucial to undergo regular screenings for chlamydia alongside other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Early detection followed by prompt treatment can save you from future health troubles and protect your partner’s wellbeing too.

When is it appropriate to get a chlamydia screening?

When considering whether to test for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), particularly chlamydia, timing is crucial due to the « window period », a term for how long it takes an infection to become traceable. For chlamydia, this period spans from one to two weeks following exposure. To ensure accurate results, it’s recommended to wait at least two weeks after any potential contact before undergoing testing.

There are several situations where opting for a chlamydia screening might be wise:

– Kicking off your sexual journey.
– It’s been over a year since your last STI checkup.
– Engaging in unprotected intercourse.
– Starting a new intimate relationship.
– Being alerted by an ex-partner about their positive test result.
– Experiencing symptoms that suggest an STI.

To play it safe, halting all sexual activities until you’ve received your test outcomes and have fully recovered, assuming treatment was necessary, is advised. Following chlamydia treatment completion, scheduling another test three to four weeks later is essential to confirm the absence of the bacteria.

For those looking into regular screenings for chlamydia or other STIs, companies like Everlywell and LetsGetChecked offer subscription plans which can reduce the cost of frequent testing. This practice ensures ongoing health monitoring without breaking the bank.

What causes chlamydia infection?

Chlamydia is primarily transmitted through direct sexual contact involving the exchange of genital fluids. This includes unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse, as well as skin-to-skin genital interaction and the use of sex toys that have not been cleaned between uses. Additionally, a mother can transfer chlamydia to her baby during the process of vaginal delivery, leading to serious health issues for the infant such as eye infections and pneumonia. To safeguard newborns from these complications, pregnant women are encouraged to undergo screening and receive appropriate treatment if diagnosed with chlamydia.

It’s important to dispel some myths about how chlamydia is spread. Despite widespread rumors, it’s impossible to contract chlamydia from sitting on a toilet seat. Such misconceptions often contribute to unnecessary fear and stigma around sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Understanding the true paths of transmission can help in better prevention and reduce unwarranted concerns about casual contact.

Can chlamydia disappear without treatment?

Waiting too long to treat chlamydia could spell trouble. Not only might you pass it along, but you’re also flirting with serious issues down the line like pelvic inflammatory disease or even infertility.

How is chlamydia cured?

Chlamydia, a common bacterial infection, thankfully responds well to treatment. Antibiotics can clear the infection completely. It’s crucial, however, not to call it quits once you’ve downed the last pill. Scheduling a follow-up test ensures the bacteria has packed its bags and left for good.

When it comes to getting your hands on the necessary meds, there’s no need to play detective. Services like and MyLAB Box have got you covered. They’ll hook you up with a prescription if your test returns positive, thanks to doctors working behind the scenes. Just bear in mind that while they’re throwing you this lifeline, picking up your medication does involve parting with some cash at your pharmacy counter.